Have you ever tried living in a place called ranch? If you are the kind of person who just wants to live a simple life, it is sure that you will love the idea of living in this place. This is the place where although technology already exists, still simple living is at its best. This particular place depicts a humble country life just what it is being described in novels or being shown on films. But there are so many things to know more about this place. Are you ready to explore this humble place?

Knowing More

Ranch is described to be a landscape where ranching is being practiced. Ranching is the raising of various livestock such as sheep or cattle in exchange for their wool or most especially its meat. Ostrich, elk, alpacas and even American Bison are also being raised through ranching. This word is sometimes associated to places in countries like Canada, Mexico and even to Western United States. This is for the reason that one can find lots of ranches in these mentioned countries. Stockgrowers, cattlemen or ranchers are the names given to those people who own and manages this particular place.

Ranches are either privately owned or it is being supported by the federal bureau under the land management. This is the reason why there are these places that are consisted of wide, large areas for grazing cattle. To promote their place, there are also dude ranches or guest ranches where tourist where given the chance to experience living in this place. Due to the increasing number of tourist, the features on this places where also raised on to the next level like horseback rides, guided hunting and others. These features had brought extra income on this particular ranch.

The History

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It was said that the practice of ranching and ranch has originated from the land of Spain wherein this is also a part of a cowboy tradition. If it will be asked on how this practice in the land of America well, Spanish conquerors have managed to reach this land had simply brought and left the practice of ranching. As they saw the land as the perfect place to raise livestock, ranching have continued to spread among the nearby places. Once the livestock have already given birth, it is time to set them loose and experience the open range.

Open range talks about setting those livestock after they have given off an offspring off to a wide land with minimal supervision. It is something like giving these animals the chance to live in the wild juts for a while. When it gets cold, this is the time that they were returned home. But because of the severe winter conditioned back at time, open range had put to an end.

The Practice of Ranching

Here are the countries that had different ways of practicing this method:

  1. South America – In Brazil, they call ranch as fazendas, while in Argentina they call it as estancias. The term hacienda is widely known and a used term all throughout this continent. With the great climate and lands, there were traditions just like the ranching traditions for cattle were born. But in early 20th century, because of the increasing problems in the environment made by people like deforestation, slash and burn and others, the livestock were being expanded on other areas which are not suitable for the animals. Even nowadays, these problems are still the major concern for ranch on this place.
  2. Hawaii – It was said that this state had developed its way of ranching than what was introduced to it earlier. Their style includes driving wild cattle into a trap made in the forest. Through this, they will be able to capture these wild animals. Once it was already tamed, these animals will now be taken to areas enclosed with fence. The industry of raising cattle was under the supervision of one powerful person named Kamehameha. It was his son that had invited Mexican vaqueros to teach people in this place on how to work on with cattle.
  3. Places outside America- the practice of ranching had not just progressed in United States and other nearby countries. Even outer countries have also adopted this practiced. Particularly in Australia, they call these agricultural lands as stations of the particular animal that they raise like cattle station and others. In New Zealand, the equivalent of ranch for them is runs or stations.

These are the places that had created unique style and method in the concept of raising livestock. No matter how they say that it is different, it still pertains to one thing. And that is practicing ranching. The wide adoption of this practice as well as the place had brought great traditions and even improved the way of living for people back on those days. Even if the world today is already used to modern living, there are still others who want something that gives them just the simple life that they want. Well, this already the right place to live. Would you like to live in ranch?

Reasons to Love and Live in Ranch

Technology had truly helped to bring the awareness of people to the place called ranch. It just not attract tourist to come and visit this particular place but also was able to purchase a property there and lived. For others, they will surely be wondering on why those people have loved this place as it is totally opposite to the kid of life that one would have in the city and other urbanized area. Well, you should understand that people are uniquely different. You may like this type of living but not them.

Others have explained that this place greatly give them the chance to live simple, humble and not worrying or getting stressed of things. Although the grazing livestock may not give them millions of money, but the happiness of simple living is priceless. They just simply live life at its best.

These people had already given their answers. How about you, will you love to live in a ranch?